Release Notes

Release versions and platform updates

1.4.0 Jupiter (05/02/2024)

Bug Fixes

  • Portal: Label update from Import a Template to Use a Template

  • Portal: Login performance improvement

  • Portal: New project button disabled if an error occurred

  • Portal: Problem with the label translations

  • Portal: The logout cycle sometimes breaks down

  • Portal: Toolbar logo disappears and turns blue when you change screens

  • Portal: Username login was case sensitive

  • SC IDE: added auto design for the first function custom onload

  • SC IDE: create data entity struct

  • SC IDE: fixed createComponent logic with data entity special

  • SC IDE: fixed issue with boolean default value

  • SC IDE: issues with redirect when logged out

  • SC IDE: ledger transaction return value issue

  • SC IDE: login issue with redirect

  • SC IDE: mapping component issues with new data entity free input

  • SC IDE: matchAttribute function issue with undefined values

  • SC IDE: sidebar issue when editing the contract

  • SC IDE: typecoercion subtype issue from imports

  • SC IDE: updated query index in asset definition


  • Portal: Google IDP integration and new login look and feel

  • Portal: Linkedin login integration

  • Shared: New generator integration

  • SC IDE: Added default values functionalities

  • SC IDE: Added generic function for create component

  • SC IDE: Code preview renderer with edit functionalities

1.2.0 Mars (10/10/2023)


New premium Features (and constraints for the Solidity Smart Contract IDE) and new subscription payment flow

Smart Contract IDE: added modal for project name editing

1.1.1 Mars (04/10/2023)

Bug Fixes

Fix for some error messages

Fix on coupon code usage

Label for the generate button in the network composer

Smart Contract IDE: getGenDataForDownload BE call update

Smart Contract IDE: url composition update in the composer component, with type and bcType params.

1.1.0 Mars (19/09/2023)


Automatic addition of a node when an ordering service is generated.

Automatic creation of Certificate Authority.

Add remainig project number in tooltip.

Added counter remaining values in user page.

Produktly Integration.

Set select in network composer based on json.


Fix error old project compatibily.

1.0.3 Mars (29/08/2023)


Smart Contract IDE: new "ElseDestination" component.

Smart Contract IDE: autosave.

Portal: new mobile style.

Portal: new layout for the plans list.

Updating of the visualization table of the list of projects and folders.

Terms & Conditions update.


Smart Contract IDE: The contract name must start with a capital letter

Smart Contract IDE: deletability issue for element function call with data entity free input

Smart Contract IDE: deletability issue for the component mapping inside operation assign

Smart Contract IDE: edit inputparams issue

Smart Contract IDE: loop iterator issue (mandatory checkbox for is Inclusive breaks the modal)

Smart Contract IDE: issue with save project with empty space (constraints block saving if there is no function drawn in the diagram)

Portal: style UX minor fixes.

Fix on sharing projects.

1.0.2 Mars (03/08/2023)


  • Restyling of the portal section related to project management.

  • Restyling of the Smart Contract IDE.

  • Smart Contract IDE: Added the Condition component.

  • Network composer: Added the ability to delete edges between nodes.

  • Network composer: Possibility to add Peers to Ordering Services directly from the Organization.

  • Ability to manage payment methods on the user's billing page.


  • Mobile: alert inviting the user to use a PC, now can be closed, and the user can continue browsing.

  • Network composer: Fix for projects that do not meet the constraints; now it's possible to delete the components that raise the error.

  • Smart Contract IDE: Fix for displaying the documentation button of the forms.

  • Smart Contract IDE: Deletion of mappings and function calls.

  • Smart Contract IDE: Edit params for a data entity.

  • Smart Contract IDE: Fix for memory leak during generation.

1.0.1 Mars (19/07/2023)


  • Update to the new payment flow for Premium Features.

  • Network composer: ability to delete edges between nodes.

  • Network composer: now possible to create peers and ordering service directly during organization creation.

  • Network composer: added feature allowing default values to be set in various fields of a component.

  • Network composer: automatic creation of channel, peer, and ordering when adding a consortium.

  • Updated Terms & Conditions.


  • Fixed the menu displaying a list of projects (belonging to the same workspace) in the left column. Previously, clicking on a project did nothing instead of opening the project.

  • Resolved the issue where an alert message was not displayed when accessing the platform from a mobile device, preventing registration and login.

  • Fixed a possible memory leak problem.

  • Constraint validation now triggered when deleting a node from a diagram.

1.0.0 Mars (12/04/2023)


  • Import functionality allows now to import 160+ of the most popular Smart Contracts.

  • Share Project allows sharing Smart Contracts projects with other users.

  • Undo/Redo option is now available.

  • Configuration Sidebar added to the right of the composer.

  • General restyle of the interface for an updated and improved UI.

  • Internationalization translations with i18.


  • Download project.

  • ElementRef on event emission.

  • Deletability for the mapping in the case of data entity free input.

  • On edit event when the windows is closed without saving.

  • Delete Contract doesn't delete the diagram.

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