Natural Language Metadata


Natural Language Metadata allows the definition of any number of custom Key-Value text metadata in order to better describe a Project Element.


Define the Name

Give a specific and descriptive name to your natural language metadata. This name helps to infer the metadata's purpose and distinguish it from other metadata. It should clearly indicate what the metadata represents.

Key-Value Pairs

Add the actual metadata using key-value pairs:

  • Key: Define a key to easily refer to a value.

  • Value: Describe the metadata in text form associated with the key.

By clearly naming and defining key-value pairs, you can effectively manage and utilize natural language metadata within your smart contract.


Metadata Key-Values are custom metadata that can be attached to a Project element in order to better describe it.

The Metadata Key defines a string to easily refer to the Value of the metadata.

The Metadata Value defines the information held by the metadata. This is a free text field, so any type of information can be stored, as long as it is in text form.

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