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Modifiers are constructs used to modify a Function's behavior, for instance by defining a prerequisite to be checked before the function is executed.


A modifier's name is used to name and differentiate modifiers. It is advised that the name be specific and descriptive enough to be able to infer the modifier's purpose and distinguish it from other modifiers. Furthermore, the name will be utilized in the code as keyword to name the modifier.
Define the Input required by this Modifier. Note that such input will need to be available when the modifier is triggered.
Define a Condition, that the Modifier is going to enforce, via a dedicated Operation. Select which Element should the flow split to if the condition is not met (if the condition is met, the flow will continue to the next element)


A Modifier Call is used to call a Modifier in a Function declaration. The modifier is then executed at the beginning of the function.
Select the Modifier object of this call.
Map the required Modifier Input to available Data Entities.