Network Composer

This page details the platform's development environment for permissioned blockchain networks

The Network Composer is a visual, guided IDE for the development of permissioned blockchain networks. As opposed to a traditional public blockchain network where anyone can join, usually by running a new network node, in a private or permissioned blockchain network access to operations and data can be restricted to certain entities.

Compatible Technologies

Current Features

A guided visual IDE where users can design and easily configure a permissioned blockchain network (Hyperledger Fabric). At any point in time users are also able to generate and download the network’s source code, which can then be either deployed locally or on distributed machines via automated scripts.

Planned Features

To cover the entirety of the development lifecycle and thus provide our users with an all-in-one solution, we plan to introduce assisted testing and deployment functionalities. The first will entail both a dedicated testing suite and the automated generation of unit/functional tests, the second will establish streamlined pipelines to make deployment as easy as possible and where applicable integrate with third party cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure, etc.) or web3 “hosting” providers (e.g. Moralis).

On Hyperledger Fabric transaction ordering is handled by a so-called Ordering Service. An Ordering Service is an entity that governs transaction ordering for one or more Channels through its nodes, called orderers or orderer nodes.

Check the list below for a first introduction to each component and instructions for the configuration.

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