In each project, you can define multiple smart contracts. These contracts often work together and may depend on each other. For example, they might need to be deployed simultaneously or import functions from one another. By creating interconnected contracts, you can build more complex and powerful applications.


Give your contract a specific and descriptive name to clearly indicate its purpose and distinguish it from others. The name will be used as a keyword in the code, so choose something that makes the contract's function easy to infer.

The NsMetaData property allows the addition of Natural Language (text) Metadata to a Contract in order to better describe it.

An Abstract Contract includes at least one function without implementation, serving as a base for other contracts. It typically contains both implemented and abstract functions. Derived contracts will provide implementations for the abstract functions while utilizing the existing ones as needed.

Select a Constructor for this contract among the defined functions. A constructor is a function that is invoked only once when the contract is deployed.

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