A Peer is a Network entity that maintains ledgers and runs chaincode containers in order to perform read/write operations on a ledger they maintain. Peers are owned by Organizations, and act as an Organization's endpoint to transact on the Channels to which they are connected to.


Double click the Peer to edit it.



  • Owner: defines to which Organization this Peer belongs (Owner Organization must be set);

  • Service Call: defines which Interface is utilized for Service Calls to this Peer (the interface can be “REST” or “SOAP”);

  • Chaincode Port: defines the port at which the Chaincode hosted by this Peer can be reached (Port must be numeric and within acceptable range [100 - 35000]);

  • Anchor: defines whether this Peer is an Anchor Peer, i.e. an endpoint for gossip to make sure Peers in different Organizations know about each other (It is advised to set at least one Anchor Peer per Channel for each Member Organization).


  • Name: defines this node’s name;

  • IP Address: defines the IP Address for the machine on which the node’s docker container will be deployed. Numeric IPv4 is advised.

  • Port: defines the Port at which the node can be reached.

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