This section contains a first introduction to each component and instructions for the configuration

Components list:

To add a new contract, click the "+" button next to "Contracts." This will allow you to create a new contract, which serves as the core building block in your smart contract application. In the context of blockchain, a contract is a self-executing agreement with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. Contracts automatically enforce and execute the terms, ensuring transparency and security.

Once you've added a contract, you can proceed to add other components like events, custom functions, imports, modifiers, and data entities to further define and customize its functionality.

  1. Contracts: Create and manage the main logic of your application.

  2. Events: Define events that your contract will emit.

  3. Custom Functions: Add specific functions to handle various tasks.

  4. Imports: Include external libraries or other contracts.

  5. Modifiers: Create conditions for function execution.

  6. Data Entities: Define the data structure used in your contract

Editing and Deleting Contracts

  • Edit: To modify an existing contract, select it from the dropdown menu and click "Edit."

  • Delete: To remove a contract, select it and click "Delete."

These options provide flexibility in managing your contracts, ensuring that you can easily update and refine your smart contract application.

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