Smart Contract IDE

This page details the platform's development environment for smart contracts development

Smart Contract IDE is a powerful tool that makes developing and deploying your blockchain application simple by creating a visual environment for smart contracts (Hyperledger Fabric, Solidity). This offers a higher level of abstraction, resulting in an intuitive learning by doing.

Compatible Technologies

Current Features

Visual, guided (no-code) environment for smart contract development (Hyperledger Fabric, Solidity), testing, auditing, and deployment.With the Smart Contract IDE users can design smart contracts for both permissioned and public blockchains and automatically obtain their source code, which can subsequently be tested, audited, and deployed seamlessly to any compatible blockchain. This allows contracts to be designed and deployed at a much lower cost and effort.

Planned Features

To cover the entirety of the development lifecycle and thus provide our users with an all-in-one solution, we plan to introduce assisted testing and deployment functionalities. The first will entail both a dedicated testing suite and the automated generation of unit/functional tests, the second will establish streamlined pipelines to make deployment as easy as possible and where applicable integrate with third party cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure, etc.) or web3 “hosting” providers (e.g. Moralis).

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